Leshiy 2 Power Jets · High Power Kit



    1. These "Power jets", also called nozzles (special screws with holes), are made with the highest quality standards and tolerances.
    2. The different jets are used to calibrate the valve's timing. This means: how long the valve stays open.
    3. The valve of the Leshiy 2, unlike other conventional valves, is always opening to the fully open position. The jets are in charge of closing the valve as fast as we need to achieve the desired powers. In other words, the different jets are closing the valve slower or faster.
    4. We are offering different Jets, and the only difference between them is the diameter of the hole.
    5. Bigger diameter = the valve closes faster = the valve stays open for a shorter time = lower will be the Muzzle Energy of the Leshiy 2.
    6. Smaller diameter = the valve closes slower = the valve stays open for a longer time = higher will be the Muzzle Energy of the Leshiy 2.
    7. HIGH POWER KIT Includes:
      Jet 0,3mm (x2)
      Jet 0,4mm (x2)
      Jet 0,5mm (x2)
      Jet 0,6mm (x2)
      Jet 0,7mm (x2)
  • More technical information that could be interesting for you:
    1. The following factors determine how much air volume will push the projectile (pellet or slug) inside the barrel. This air volume determines the muzzle velocity:
      -The pressure of the plenum (regulated chamber).
      -The volume of the plenum.
      -The diameter of the transfer port.
      -How long the valve stays open.
    2. How much volume of air is needed?
      This depends on:
      -The caliber.
      -Length of the barrel.
      -Weight of the projectile (slug or pellet)
      -The drag of the projectile inside the barrel
      -Output desired energy.
    1. 1) Change the jets in a clean environment. The valve should never get dirty.
    2. 2) The Leshiy 2 can use 1 or 2 jets installed. If you install just one, be sure that the second hole is completely closed with a proper screw.
    3. 3) Inside each jet must be installed a small spring with a brass pin: be careful not to lose this while changing your installed jet for a different one.
    4. 4) Jets installed can have different diameters (no need to use two of the same diameter).
    5. 5) With the KIT, you will have 23 alternatives (from 0,1mm to 2.4mm).
    6. 6) The maximum sum of the two jets is 2.4mm. More than this will not make the valve close faster (so no need to try bigger diameters).
    7. 7) The plenum pressure is also essential to get the greatest result (air consumption and accuracy).
    8. 8) If your Leshiy 2 (in .25 or .30 caliber) came from EDgun factory with only one jet installed (and a screw on the second hole), do not replace the screw for a jet unless you have the spring and the pin that should be installed inside each jet. This pin is in charge of closing the airflow while the valve is in the closed position.
    9. 9) Do not forget to have fun while doing your tests. Jets + Regulator's pressure will give you more than 360 possibilities.
    1. Necessary to know:  
      The best configuration for accuracy and efficiency depends on the following parameters:
      -Caliber and Lengh of Barrel
      -Desired Energy
      -Pellet or Slug used (weight and shape)

    2. In we recommend the following setups for the New Forward Plug

      For caliber .177 (4,5mm)
      Plenum pressure: between 65 BAR and 120 BAR
      Sum of power jets: 1,8mm to 2,4mm

      Note: pressures bellow 65 BAR may cause loss of stability after 25 meters

      For caliber .20 (5,1mm)
      Plenum pressure: between 65 BAR and 130 BAR
      Sum of power jets: 1,6mm to 2,4mm

      For caliber .22 (5,5mm)
      Plenum pressure: between 65 BAR and 140 BAR
      Sum of Power jets: 1,4mm to 2,4mm

      For caliber .25 (6,35mm)
      Plenum pressure: between 80 BAR and 160 BAR
      Sum of Power jets: 0,6mm to 1,6mm

      For caliber .30 (7,62mm)
      Plenum pressure:  between 100 BAR and 180 BAR
      Sum of Power jets: 0,2 mm to 1,4mm

      Note: We do not suggest to set the original EDgun regulator of the Leshiy 2 at pressures above 160 BAR.

    3. Suggestion to reach the best air-consumption: 

      After choosing your regulator pressure, use the power jets to reach a point between 10% and 20% (depending on the caliber and lengh of the barrel), below the maximum reachable energy (with that determined regulator pressure). To check maximum reachable energy with each reg pressure, try two jets of 0,1mm.
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