Classic Leshiy

Our famous Leshiy is a super small and light carbine that competes in power and precision with other much longer barrel carbines. Unlike other small air guns, the Leshiy is not a toy!

Its size allows it to be carried in a small backpack, which makes it one of the most competent PCP weapons on the market to use anywhere. ¡You can carry it always with you!

 For the manufacture of these weapons, EDgun has invested in cutting-edge technology. For this reason, the brand has used the highest quality materials and machining in all its pieces, with the aim of creating in harmony a reliable, precise, powerful and indestructible weapon.

  • Designed and manufactured in Russia with D16T alloy.
  • Multi-gauge weapons: within a minute you can change the caliber of the gun. Available sizes are: .177 (4,5mm); .20 (5,1mm); .22 (5,5mm); .25 (6,35mm).
  • Suppressor with Stripper Air: the eccentric off-set suppressor has been designed with an engineering computer system. The result is: silence + accuracy.
  • Completely ambidextrous weapons.
  • Stopper for trigger (stops the trigger travel after shooting).
  • Lothar Walther maximum grade Match cannon with striated passage and specific EDgun shock. Machined cannon (port, shock and gear) made in Germany by the most experienced LW masters.
  • Guaranteed accuracy.
  • Easily adjustable power by clicks.
  • Latest generation EDgun pressure regulating valve, with high density core. Precise at any pressure and temperature.
  • Indestructible valve.
  • Direct transfer port: efficiency, presicion and autonomy.
  • Trigger lock and hammer sear.