EDgun Matador R5 Limited Edition

EDgun Matador R5 is the result of 20 years of experience manufacturing one of the most accurate and durable PCP bullpup weapons on the market. Added to the experience, three years have been invested in the development of this project: numerous tests of all kinds have been carried out until today reaching the final result.

Pioneers in PCP weapons in bullpup format, we are always known for long-range accuracy, efficiency, premium materials (Russian D16T) and extraordinary mechanical simplicity.
Many will wonder why it is a single shot. The answer is simple: In addition to manufacturers, we are experienced shooters and hunters. Both Ed and many other lovers of accuracy at extreme distances, still prefer the reliability and simplicity of a good single-shot platform. For this reason, the production of the R5 has been a limited edition for those fans in search of accuracy at long distances with controlled power. The R5 revives the spirit of the first Matador single-shot bullpup weapons made more than 10 years ago. Let's remember the slogan: "One Shot, One Target".
First quality materials and machining have been used for all its pieces with the aim of creating harmony in a reliable, precise and indestructible weapon. To give an example, without sacrificing technology and performance, it is the bullpup with the fewest O-rings, screws and moving parts on the market.
For the manufacture of these weapons, EDgun has invested in cutting-edge technology. For this, the brand has used top quality materials and machining in all its pieces with the aim of creating in harmony a reliable, accurate, powerful and indestructible weapon.
Very simple general maintenance: without sacrificing technology and performance, it is the bullpup on the market with the fewest number of O-rings, screws and moving parts.
  • Designed and manufactured in Russia.
  • XSilent Air Stripper Moderator: The eccentric off-set suppressor has been designed with an engineering computer system, studying the behavior of the air that pushes the projectile. Result: very quiet + extreme accuracy.
  • Completely ambidextrous weapons.
  • Adjustable trigger in first and second stage. With the possibility of using it without a second stage (the best trigger ever made by EDgun).
  • Trigger stopper (stops the trigger travel after firing)
  • Top grade LW barrel with grooved pitch and EDgun specific shock. Machined cannon (port, shock and ring) made in Germany by the most experienced LW masters.
  • Guaranteed accuracy.
  • Weaver rail with 30 MOA offset (0.5 degree tilt).
  • Easily adjustable power by clicks.
  • Latest generation EDgun pressure regulating valve, with high density core. Precise at any pressure and temperature.
  • Indestructible valve.
  • Multiple transfer port that optimizes efficiency in accuracy and autonomy.
  • Ambidextrous hammer lock (strong shock proof).