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At EDGUN.SHOP we offer pellets for sale that we know that work. Therefore, buying pellets in our store results are guaranteed.

Today we offer 2 pellet labels. Both alternatives are manufactured in the Czech Republic (Czech Republic) by the firm JSB.

We are very serious about packaging. Everything we send we do with great care, and therefore we use very good materials. We always make sure that the product reaches the buyer's hands in perfect conditions:


The pellets we sell are transported directly from the Czech Republic factory to our warehouse located in Spain. This is done on pallets, so there is no risk that the pellets will suffer even the slightest blow during transport. Then we take care of packing the tins / boxes so that they can be transported to our customers safely. Our trusted transport agencies are: Correos Express, Nacex, MRW, UPS, FedEX and TNT.

We also offer pellets made with our own H.M HEN signature molds. They are pellets that go through a stricter quality control than that of any other pellet manufactured on a larger scale. We call them H.M. HEN Premium Match Pellets. Our production is very limited and we do not always have stock. Many times we manufacture them on request. Do not hesitate to write to us if you want to make a special order!