EDgun Lelya 2.0

The Lelya 2.0 is the brand's most compact bullpup rifle. ¡Its total length is only 59.5 cm! Right proportion between weight, size, power, accuracy and autonomy. It is our most adventurous bullpup. Designed to be used in the most forced positions and in the most adverse conditions. Despite its short 377mm barrel (only 15 inches), the Lelya 2.0 is endowed with power and accuracy for shots over very long distances, overcoming the 100 meter barrier.
The Lelya 2.0 is the 'younger' sister of the R5M line. Lelya 2.0 and Matador R5M share the same platform.
EDgun has invested in cutting-edge technology to manufacture the Matador R5M Standard and Long carbines. For this, the brand has used top quality materials and machining in order to create in harmony a reliable, accurate, powerful and indestructible weapon.
  • Very simple general maintenance: without sacrificing technology and performance, it is the bullpup with the fewest O-rings, screws and moving parts on the world market.
  • Designed and manufactured in Russia.
  • Multi-shot mechanism with forward reload lever, located on both sides of the weapon. Depending on the context and shooting situation, there are occasions when it is comfortable to use the left hand, and on other occasions the right hand. Its not necessary to remove the focus from the target to reload the weapon.
  • Designed with the mechanism back as much as possible so that it is as maneuverable as possible without sacrificing the length of the barrel. What matters is the distance between the grip and the (end) end of the weapon. This means that when used, the weapon appears to be even more compact than it already is.
  • Completely ambidextrous weapon
  • Suppressor XSilent Aire Stripper: EDgun's eccentric off-set moderator has been designed with an engineering computer system. Result: very quiet + extreme precision.
  • Adjustable trigger in first and second stage, with the possibility of using it without a second stage. In addition, the trigger has a stopper that fulfills the function of stopping the trigger travel after the shot has been fired. The R5Ms have the best trigger ever made by EDgun
  • Top grade Match Lothar Walther barrel with 406mm (16 ") fluted pitch and EDgun specific choke. Machined (port, shock and crown) barrel made in Germany by the most experienced LW masters.
  • Guaranteed accuracy.
  • Weaver rail with 30 MOA compensation (0.5 degree tilt) for shooting at extreme distances.
  • Easily adjustable power by clicks.
  • Latest generation compact pressure regulating valve, with high density core. Accurate at any pressure and temperature.
  • Indestructible valve.
  • Multiple transfer port that optimizes efficiency in accuracy and autonomy, and with enough margin to use heavy projectiles.
  • Ambidextrous hammer lock (shockproof).
  • Quick cleaning system: removing only one screw you can remove the bolt to clear the barrel so you can clean it easily.
  • Walnut butt made by ART-DECART. The same experienced Kalashnikov manufacturers.