Leshiy 2 NINE · 9mm (.35)


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LENGTH: 350 MM (13.75")
BEHEMOTH: Picatinny

Taking energy levels to new heights, EDgun is proud to introduce its 9mm Leshiy 2, the NINE. This version is the most powerful Leshiy 2 out there (so far, as Ed never ceases to surprise us). The Leshiy 2 has always packed a punch, sure, but 9mm will take that even further! To handle the increased air consumption, this L2 includes by default a bottle instead of the standard reservoir. You can choose, either the 350CC bottle or, if you want to increase your shot count by 30%, the 470CC bottle. Both of them tried and tested Wolfiek Group designs for the Leshiy 2. In order to tackle this caliber's demands, the NINE also features a larger plenum.

Available in any barrel length, the 9mm Leshiy 2 sports the superior Behemoth suppressor. You can choose between the Reflex or Picatinny kit (except for the 250mm version which is only available with the Picatinny kit), they all come with 5 Behemoth modules. A Micarta grip with its tools is also included to improve the ergonomics of the NINE.

Our Leshiy 2s are sent with the power set according to the regulations of the country of destination, our warehouse is in the European Union and we ship WORLDWIDE.

What’s in the box:

1x Leshiy 2 SILENT NINE
1x Picatinny or Reflex Behemoth KIT for 9mm (installed).
1x Behemoth Muzzle Brake
1x Micarta grip with tools
1x Bottle 470cc/ 350cc (installed)
2x Titanium magazines
2x magazine holders
1x Compact tool for the externally adjustable regulator (E.A.R).
2x Edgun M-LOK rail
1x Monster Power Plenum (137cc) with EAR (installed)
1x Quick detach swivel
1x EDgun Foster Fill Probe
1x T-Shirt (Wolfiek Group gift). Please include your T-Shirt size in the cart notes (subject to availability). In the absence of any notes in the cart, we will select the size at random.

Note: We ensure that all airguns are set to the appropriate power level for the country they are being sent to (7, 10, 16, 20, 24 Joules, or FAC).