Ballistic chronograph Air Chrony MK3


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Introducing the Air Chrony MK3 Ballistic Chronograph, a cutting-edge tool designed to deliver unmatched precision and reliability when measuring bullet velocity and kinetic energy.

The Air Chrony MK3 excels in providing exceptionally accurate measurements while maintaining resilience against interference, even in challenging lighting conditions. With a user-friendly interface offering multiple language options and a range of modern features, the Air Chrony MK3 is undoubtedly the chronograph of choice for the diverse community of shooting enthusiasts.

While the Chronograph Air Chrony MK3 has undergone extensive testing with air rifles, its dependable performance extends to the measurement of various small-caliber weapons, including airsoft, paintball markers, small-caliber rifles, bows, crossbows, and more.

*Tripod not included