EDgun - Apex Regulator



The Apex Regulator is Edgun’s latest regulator for the Leshiy 2. Building on the experience with the E.A.R, Ed has now released a redesigned externally adjustable regulator, which has vastly improved reliability and performance. This is the top regulator for the Leshiy 2. The Apex Reg is now standard issue for the Leshiy 2 and can also be retrofitted to the Leshiy 2s that are already out there and came with the E.A.R. This is the definitive regulator for Leshiy 2 users: improved reliability, performance, and robustness.

Notice that this Apex does not accept a gauge like the E.A.R., which has a plus side in that there is some extra volume freed inside the regulator. Also, you can still use a gauge to read the regulated pressure with the EDgun Regulator Gauge Adapter · Leshiy 2.

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