EDgun Lelya 2.0


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CALIBER: .177 (4.5MM)
STOCK: Walnut
    1. The Lelya 2.0 rifle is the brand's most compact bullpup, with a total length of only 59.5 cm! Right proportion between weight, size, power, precision and autonomy. It is the most adventurous bullpup of the brand. Designed to be used in the most forced positions and in the most adverse conditions. Despite its short 15-inch barrel, the Lelya 2.0 has the same platform as the R5M and is endowed with power and precision for long-range shots, breaking the 100-meter barrier!
    2. Walnut stock: classic alternative, elegant. The Walnut stock is chosen by the majority. EDgun.shop it has butts made of selected walnut wood with premium quality.
    3. Laminated stock: the most special alternative. The production of laminated butts is limited and there are very few units in the world. Laminated butts gives the gun a sporty and personalized touch. There are different colors. Find the available laminated stocks HERE
    4. More information about EDgun Lelya 2.0
    1. Total lenght: 59,5cm
    2. Barrel lenght: 377mm (15”)
    3. Weight: 2,8 Kg* ( may vary ~ 100 grams depending on butt density).
    4. Large volume eccentric moderator with integrated Air Stripper(the quietest bullpup under 60cm on the market).
    5. Side Levers advanced on both sides of the weapon.
    6. Completely ambidextrous weapon.
    7. Drum loader (4,5 mm -- 10 shots / 5,5mm -- 10 shots / 6,35mm -- 9 shots)
    8. Ambidextrous hammer lock.
    9. Trigger easily adjustable.
    10. Hammer easily adjustable.
    11. Picatinny rail with compensation 30 MOA (0,5º).
    12. Tank capacity: 180 cm3 + low chamber.
    13. Max working pressure: 300BAR.
    14. Factory regulating valve: 125 BAR (configurable between 80 y 150 BAR).
    15. EDgun analogue gauge
    16. Autonomy:
      > 130 shots at low power.
      > 70 shots at moderate power.
      > 40 shots at high power.
      > 30 shots at extreme power.
    17. (All weapons are sold to the legal power: 4th category)
    • EDgun Lelya 2.0 (Airgun)
    • 2 magazines
    • Fill Probe EDgun (Charging connector)
    • Simple Replacement O-Ring KIT
    • EDgun owner card with its Serial Number
    • 2 years of official warranty and support EDgun.shop
    • The Instruction Manual can be downloaded at: edgun.shop
    • Scope: not included

Note: We ensure that all airguns are set to the appropriate power level for the country they are being sent to (7, 10, 16, 20, 24 Joules, or FAC).