R3M Long Cal .25 (6.35 mm) - 2015. NEW!!!


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A legend in airgun history, the primordial bullpup, the Matador R3M is one of EDgun's most prized models, being one of its first success stories in what would later become a renowned brand in the PCP Universe.
The Long variant currently available features a 590mm barrel that is shrouded and it is integrally suppressed, which makes the Matador R3M Long very discreet while shooting. This length is also harnessed to make a very long reservoir, allowing for a very good shot count. The R3M is regulated and has a 9 round magazine.
Mount your favorite optics on its top Weaver rail, and enjoy its exquisite and rather exotic stock design - one of the hallmarks of this model and EDgun’s. All of us who started early with EDgun have a place in our hearts for this model and its unforgettable looks!
Our current stock is made of 2015 models, 100% new and unused…

Caliber: 6,35 mm / .25

Velocity: 200 m/s

Muzzle Energy: 60 J

Weight: 3100 g

Overall Length: 875 mm

Barrel Length: 590 mm

Mounting Rail: Weaver

Magazine Capacity: 9

Stock Material: Wood