Special Edition Power Plenums for Leshiy 2


This power plenum is only compatible with the standard regulator.
Note: Not compatible with the Externally Adjustable Regulator. The E.A.R. is a different, single-piece design that integrates regulator with plenum.

  • The original plenum of the Leshiy 2 has a total length of 130mm and a volume of 42cc. These special Plenums are for all those who want to make experiments and tune their Leshiy 2 easily.

    Click here to find out how to install the plenum on the Leshiy 2.
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    Available in 2 colors (red and black) and 2 different volumes: the 110cc one makes the butt 2cm shorter and the 150cc one makes the butt 2cm longer than the standard one.

    Quality: The quality of these plenums is the same as the standard plenums that come directly from the factory. 

    Attention: These power plenums are only compatible with the standard regulator.

  • The 3 Benefits of the XL Plenum 150mm (Volume: 57cm3)

    • Makes the BUTT 2 cm longer (from Standard configuration). 

    If you are > 175 cm (5′ 9″) tall or plan to use your Leshiy 2 in Bench Rest position, you may want to consider using a longer BUTT. 

    Note: You can make the BUTT two cm longer with the XL plenum, and you can also make it longer with the extension tube (LONG alternative).

    • Plus of Power: With .25 and .30 calibers, the XL Large Plenum gives the Leshiy 2 a plus of power. We are talking about 4% more in velocity, which means > 7 % more energy. Note: the difference in energy is more significant with 450mm and 600mm barrels (calibers .25 and .30). The difference is also a bit more significant while using slugs (reason: slugs have more friction than pellets inside the barrels). Note: This is not happening if the timing of your valve is not set for high power levels.
    • Increase a bit the rate of fire without lowering the muzzle velocity. This means that, since the plenum volume is 15cm3 bigger, you can shoot a bit faster, keeping consistency. 
  • Why is convenient to use the compact plenum 110mm (27cm3)?

    The answer is clear: for using the Leshiy 2 at relativity low power settings. This means: between 12fpe and 17 fpe.

    Is the Leshiy 2 working well at low power?

    Definitely YES! 

    However, air consumption will never be as low and as good as with high power levels. 

    Air consumption = Volume of air used per 1 fpe (or Joul) of energy that the gun delivers.

    But the answer is still a big YES: we can get great results with low power. 

    Are you interested in using your Leshiy 2 with the muzzle energy below 12fpe, reducing air consumption to the minimum possible level without compromising accuracy?

    Well, if your answer is yes, check the three points that you should know and control:

    • The regulator's pressure should be between 60 and 70 BAR (depending on the caliber and length of the barrel). A tutorial on how to do this properly is coming soon. 

    Note: If you use the standard plenum (42cm3) instead of the smallest available (27cm2), you would need to reduce the regulator's pressure between 40 and 50 BAR to get the maximum shot count. However, a pressure below 60BAR may not deliver the best accuracy with most of the pellets at long ranges.

    • The transfer port should be reduced to 3.5 to 4mm. Important: not only the PUCK and the channel black channel that the air cross before touching the puck.
    • And last but not least: The valve should close faster. Leshiy 2's valve is not like the traditional ones used in most PCP airguns in the market. The valve of Leshiy 2 opens and closes completely, and no strike of a hammer is involved. So, what you should do to save air is to make the valve close as fastest as possible. Good news: to change this on Leshiy 2 is an easy process that anyone can do with simple tools. We will explain how to do this soon.  

    Regarding numbers at different power configurations, we will upload them after we have made enough tests.

    If you want to help us with the tests go ahead and get your Plenum!

    Limited Stock!

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