Leshiy 2 (E.A.R) with Bottle installed


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CALIBER: .177 (4.5mm)
LENGTH: 250 mm (9.85")
  • It's finally here! The EDgun Leshiy 2 is the most advanced and revolutionary PCP gun on the market.

    It's all that you've loved in the Leshiy plus everything you've wished:

    Multi-shot Magazine, semi-auto, AR grip, bigger tank, quieter, and much more!

    A true masterpiece.

    NOTE: This Leshiy 2 includes all the upgrade to the date

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  • FAC stands for Firearms Certificate; in other words – no power restriction. This option is suitable for countries without power restrictions. For countries that do apply restrictions, we adjust the rifles according to the country of destination’s regulations, whether the client has a Firearm Certificate or not. Be aware that any PCP airgun can be tuned and therefore can have its power adjusted. It is the owner’s responsibility to comply with local regulations.

    .177 .20 .22 .25 .30 
    Energy: 250mm (9.85") Barrel
    (Energy is adapted to your country legislation)
    Min: 7,5J - Max: 24J
    5,5 ft·lbs - 17,7 ft·lbs
    Min: 7,5J - Max: 30J
    5,5 ft·lbs - 22 ft·lbs
    Min: 7,5J - Max: 43J
    5,5 ft·lbs - 31,7 ft·lbs
    Min: 7,5J - Max: 57J
    5,5 ft·lbs - 42 ft·lbs
    Min: 16J - Max: 79J
    11,8 ft·lbs - 58,3 ft·lbs
    Energy: 350mm (13.75") Barrel
    (Energy is adapted to your country legislation)
    Min: 7,5J - Max: 32J
    5,5 ft·lbs - 23,6 ft·lbs
    Min: 7,5J - Max: 37J
    5,5 ft·lbs - 27,3 ft·lbs
    Min: 7,5J - Max: 54J
    5,5 ft·lbs - 39,8 ft·lbs
    Min: 7,5  - Max: 67J
    5,5 ft·lbs - 49,4 ft·lbs
    Min: 16J - Max: 94J
    11,8 ft·lbs - 69,3 ft·lbs
    Regulator pressure (adjustable) By default from factory: 130 BAR. Can be easily adjusted between 60 BAR and 240 BAR. This Leshiy 2 has the E.A.R installed.
    Max Filling Pressure 300 BAR
    Magazine Capacity 8
    Weight (250 Barrel) 2,10 Kg - 2,30 Kg
    Weight (350 Barrel) 2,30 Kg - 2,50 Kg
    Total Length (250 Barrel) 656mm
    Total Length (350 Barrel) 756mm 
    Length folded   - 299 mm (to know this, you should rest 299 to Total Length)
    Max Height 164mm
    Max Width 45mm
    Max Width folded 76mm
  • What’s in the box:

    • 1x Leshiy 2
    • 1x Carbon Fiber Bottle 350cc
    • 2x magazines
    • 2x magazine holders
    • 2x extra magazine magnetic plates
    • 1x EDgun fill probe with 1/8 Male Threads End

Note: We don't sell carbines with the engraved "F"