Carbon Fiber Bottle 470cc


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Leshiy 2 with 470cc bottle installed

The 470CC bottle is quite the step up from our classic 350cc bottle, and obviously quite the leap from the standard reservoir. Compared to the 350cc bottle, this bottle increases the air volume by around 30%, meaning that you should have a similar increase in shot count! It is 75mm in diameter and only 209mm in length, making it compact enough for any butt extension length in the Leshiy 2 EAR versions.

A 16mm pin lock is needed if your idea is to install this bottle on the Leshiy 2 and have it locked while folded. If you already have a Behemoth or a carbon fiber handguard, then you most likely already have the 16mm pin. If you don't care about locking it while folded, or plan on using the 470CC bottle with a pEaZy, then you won't need it.


  • Test pressure: 500 bar (7250 psi)
  • Service max pressure: 315 bar (4570 psi)
  • Service temperature: -40℃ / 60 ℃
  • Service life: 20 years
  • Inspection duration: 5 years
  • Volume: 0.47l (470 cc)
  • Empty weight: 0.51kg
  • Length: 209mm
  • Diameter: 75mm
  • Inner thread: M18X 1.5mm

Learn how to install it: