Behemoth QD Silencer TRI-LUG KIT Picatinny



The Behemoth TRI-LUG silencer is the fruit of extensive R&D by the EDgun team to deliver a quieter and more practical silencer for the Leshiy family.

Thanks to the innovative use of a series of filter baffles combined with a valenki (Russian felt wool winter boots) like liner we now have the most effective silencer for the Leshiy 2, not only reducing overall decibels but also reducing the pitch, which can be an important factor, particularly in the field.

The practical part is done thanks to the TRI-LUG, which allows to quickly attach and detach with 1/6th of a turn. This silencer also features both top and bottom Picatinny rails and it suits any Leshiy 2 barrel length.

There are two different series, according to calibers, one for .177 and .22 cal, the other for .25 and .30 cal.

Note: The handguard rest is included in this kit.

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