JSB Pellets

At EDGUN.SHOP we offer for sale JSB red / black label pellets made in the Czech Republic.

If precision is your priority, they are the right manufacturers. JSB Match Diabolo is without a doubt one of the TOP brands in the ammunition industry for shooting with compressed air. JSB currently manufactures and markets the best alternative on the world market. Many of the world's most prestigious competitors and hunters only use JSBs in their weapons.

Behind each tin you will find a label with a code. This code is made up of numbers that reflect: the matrix used; the number of the roll; the number of the person who made the selection and visual control; the year of manufacture.

We chose JSB for being our preferred manufacturers. So much so, that JSB also makes pellets for us premium EDgun pellets (you will see them in this store with EDgun label). The differences between JSB pellets (red and black label) and EDgun labeled pellets, consists of selection and control. Because of this, the pelletsPremium EDgun are worth up to 20% more.