Zan Projectiles · Slugs Cal .457 (11.6 mm)


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WEIGHT: 380gr/24.62g

Get excited for the latest addition to Zan Projectiles’ lineup – the .457 (380gr) slugs! These innovative slugs boast unparalleled precision and velocity, ensuring the same exceptional performance you’ve come to expect from Zan Projectiles. With 50 slugs per box and an unbeatable price, these slugs are sure to fly off the shelves. Whether you’re seeking to elevate your big bore game or simply looking for the best, these slugs are a must-have.

Newly developed 380-grain .457 swaged slugs are the most consistent and affordable .457 slugs available on the market.  New swaging technique ensures that these slugs will fit perfectly in all .457 barrels. The deep hollow point design guarantees that these slugs will expand upon impact, making them ideal for hunting or metal plinking. In addition, they offer a high ballistic coefficient due to the Boat Tail.

Zan Projectiles specializes in making high-quality slugs tailored for extreme accuracy. 

Length BC Slugs
per box
380gr/24.62g 1.1″ / 27.94mm TBA 50 1,25 kg

Box size: 12,5 x 12,5 x 2,5