Premium Carbon Fiber Bottle · 1.1L / 1.5L / 2L


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These bottles go from pretty big to huge: you have 3 choices – 1.1L, 1.5L or even 2!!

Logically, these beasts don’t not fit the Leshiy 2, and it would also be impractical to add so much weight. Still, it is very useful to have one of these at hand with a filling system (EaZy/pEaZy/etc) for quick refills in the field, not having to go back to your compressor and stop the fun. This is, up until now, our largest bottles available, and they will massively extend your shooting time!

LIMITED STOCK, order yours now!

1.1L Bottle:
Length 290mm (11.41")
Diameter 90mm (3.54")
Inner Thread M18x1.5mm

1.5L Bottle:
Length 320mm (13.38")
Diameter 90mm (3.54")
Inner Thread M18x1.5mm

2.0L Bottle:
Length 435mm (21.02")
Diameter 90mm (3.54")
Inner Thread M18x1.5mm