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Special Edition Power Plenums for Leshiy 2


The original plenum of the Leshiy 2 has a volume of 42 cc. These special Plenums are for all those who want to make experiments and tune their Leshiy 2 easily.

Videos of the installation are coming soon. Subscribe to our YouTube channel www.youtube.com/wolfiekgroup

Available in 2 colors (red and black) and 2 different volumes: the 110cc one makes the butt 2cm shorter and the 150cc one makes the butt 2cm longer than the standard one.

Quality: The quality of these plenums is the same as the standard plenums that come directly from the factory. 

Regarding results, we will upload them after we have made enough tests to provide realistic numbers. 

If you want to help us with the tests go ahead and get yours!

Limited stock!

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