Eagle Vision · Picatinny Scope Mounts 34mm ONE-PIECE Infinity Elevation



This well-designed scope mount allows the scope to move vertically along a guided path. The mount is lockable in different positions using two screws.

The mount can be used as low profile or adjusted the to high profile too if your scope objective its too close to your rifle barrel or shroud.

This practical patent helps shooters who enjoy long-range shooting and often run out of adjustment clicks on their turrets.

The mount can also come handy if you have not been able to use your favorite scope due to lack of space between the rings or unusual position of your dovetail or picatinny rail on your gun.

The design of the mount is dedicated to people who want to improve their performance contrasting with what ordinary mounts allow to do. By keeping the front mount at its lowest and elevating the rear mount to the highest point, you can zero in your gun far beyond what standard mounts allow you to do, without using the clicks on your turrets, hence keeping the optical centre of your scope intact (ideal situation for long range shooting).

Please note: DO NOT use more than 4x elevation screws as you may damage your mount.


Height: 65mm to 69.5mm (adjustable)

Profil Height: 21mm

Adjustable Height: 4.5mm

Weight: 92gm each one

Centre of the ring to the bottom of the rail: 38mm in closed position

Centre of the ring to the bottom of the rail: 42.5mm in opened position

Ring size: 34mm

Rail size: 22mm picatinny


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