EDgun Pellets

We offer for sale Premium EDgun pellets made in the Czech Republic by the JSB Match Diabolo firm. Premium EDgun pellets correspond to carefully tested batches. Therefore, buying EDgun pellets the best results are assured.



JSB Diabolo Match makes pellets for the brands: EDgun, Air Arms, Daystate, FX Airguns and Cometa. We sell Premium EDgun pellets. These pellets correspond to privileged batches that were especially accurate with the EDgun weapons they have at JSB facilities. In the case of EDgun tins, the procedure for selecting pellets and selling them under the EDgun brand is similar to that of Air Arms.

Procedure summary:

Every time a new batch of pellets is released, a competent shooter in the Czech Republic tests the pellets using different EDgun brand weapons. JSB Match Diabolo has its own 94 meter closed shooting gallery (it's a tunnel). When the result is optimal, they allocate that batch to EDgun, leaving the manufacturing plant with the labels that they can see in the images of each item.

This selection minimizes the margins of error, thus improving consistency and therefore also accuracy. They are pellets that can cost up to 20% more than other labels (Red and Red from JSB, Comet, FX Airguns, etc.) but when precision is the main parameter this difference is justified. It is proven that they are worth it.

Behind each tin you will find a label with a code. This code is made up of numbers that reflect: the number of the matrix used; the number of the roll; the number of the person who made the selection and visual control; the year of manufacture.

We chose JSB for being our preferred manufacturers. Our relationship with JSB was always very close. For more than 10 years now, JSB and EDgun have been walking together on their projects.

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