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Scope Discovery
ED 4-16X50SF

    1. Japanese ED FCD100 HOYA lens provides amazing brightness and image definition.
    2. Constructed of one piece of T-6061 aircraft alloy.
    3. Japanese CNC machined tube. Solid and precise construction.
    4. Shockproof with an energy of 1500G.
    5. Scope prepared for long range and hunting.
    6. Objective Fixes technology makes the viewfinder very reliable. It supports strong blows and the most extreme situations. Long life.
    7. Filled with Nitrogen at high pressure make it anti fog. It can be submerged up to 10 meters deep.
    8. Parallax adjustment with lateral wheel from 9 meters.

      ED stands for "Extra-low Dispersion" and refers to the composition and properties of the glass used to build the lenses.

      ED glass is specially formulated, including special compounds that greatly reduce chromatic aberration (not all colors come in the same focal plane) compared to standard lenses.

      In addition to getting rid of color stripes, ED glass ranges also produce sharper images because the stripes are no longer present to soften focus.

    1. Magnification: 4X - 16X
    2. Objective Diamenter: 50mm
    3. Tube Diameter: 30mm
    4. Lenght: 312mm (12,3”)
    5. Weight: 625 gramos
    6. First Focal Plane FFP
    7. Ilumination: NO
    8. Side parallax adjustment (from 9 metros to infinit)
    9. Field of View: 6 degrees - 1,5 degrees
    10. Ocular Lenght: 84 mm (3,3”) - 100 mm (3,9”)
    11. Reset de Zero: Yes
    12. Zero Stop: Yes
    13. Zero lock: Sí
    14. Turret adjustment: 1/10MIL
    15. Elevation range: 24 MRAD (80 MOA) = 240 clicks
    16. Windage range: 24 MRAD (80 MOA)= 240 clicks
    17. Nitrogen: Yes
    18. Shockproof: Yes (1500G)
    19. Waterproof: Sí (10 metros)
    20. Fog Proof: Sí
    1. Scope
    2. Honeycomb sunshade protector
    3. “Flip-up” caps
    4. Mounts
    5. Warranty

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