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EDgun Lelya 2.0
Technical service

At we offer the complete technical maintenance service.
We recommend performing maintenance once a year or every 10,000 shots. This procedure you can do yourself at home or, if you prefer, hire the present service.

This includes the cost of the technical maintenance service:

  • Pick up within Spain.
  • Full wipe.
  • Toric change (all the o-rings)
  • Screw replacement required.
  • Tune up.
  • Return shipping.

We use professional tools and give weapons a surgical treatment.

Note: If it becomes necessary to change any other part (valve, regulator, or some other), the owner will be consulted if he wishes to do so. In this case the costs of the spare parts will be charged separately (service only includes: o-rings, screws, lubrication, and expert workmanship in the field).

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