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Edgun Quick Connect Fill Probe By Huma-Air

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    1. Edgun Quick Connect Fill Probe with foster male connection made of Stainless Steel.
    2. We all know the issue of having more airrifles and they all have different types of fill probes. Huma-Air now offers a solution for it.
    3. With the 4 different base models of Quick Connect Fill Probes available in our store, you are able to fill about 90% of the rifle's brands.
    4. As 200/300 bars of pressure is seriously dangerous, we choose for high quality materials only; we make our Huma Quick Connect Fill Probes out of one massive piece of stainless steel.
    5. This ensures the highest durability and safety, not to be compared with the soft brass and silver plated plugs on the market.
    6. At the end of your fill hose you can attach one of our Foster Female Quick Coupler what makes it easy to swap fill probes in a second.

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