Magazines for Leshiy 2


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CALIBER: .177 (4.5mm)

Magazines for the Leshiy 2. You can choose between the standard magazine and the slug-optimized magazine. Both can actually shoot either pellets or slugs, but each one is optimized for one of them.

The standard mag is what is generally issued with the Leshiy 2.

The magazines optimized for slugs are ideal for shooting the following caliber slugs:

.177 (4.5mm) -> .178 (4.52mm) slugs
.20 (5.1 mm) -> .200 (5,08mm) slugs
.22 (5.5mm) -> .216 (5.48mm) & .217 (5.52mm) slugs
.25 (6.35mm) -> .249 (6.32mm) & .250 (6.35mm) slugs
.30 (7.62mm) -> .300 (7.62mm) slugs

Important: If you notice some resistance when loading the slugs into the slugs magazines, don’t be alarmed. It is by design to have to push in the slugs.