Leshiy 2 · Tuned by Francisco 7.0 · The Black Ghost


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CALIBER: .25 (6.35 mm)

Our fiendish forest goblin, the Leshiy 2, now turns into a wraith with this limited edition. This setup is about stealth, performance, and also, let's face it, looks. Because few things look better than an all-black Shorokh with a 450mm barrel. And when we say black - it's all of it: Micarta N°6 grips, both gauges being black Wikas, and black inserts. Now to the fun part: .25/.30 caliber in 450mm barrel will guarantee high energy levels and accuracy at range, while the Shorokh will keep it quiet, and the new 470cc bottle will boost its endurance! Just as a stealthy assassin, the Veyron 4-16X44 FFP will allow you to take accurate shots at medium and long ranges...this is a limited edition so make your move!

  • Russian-made Alfa 450mm / .25 (6.35mm) or .30 (7.62mm) selected 2022 barrel
  • Shorokh 450 / Black-Black
  • Carbon Fiber Handguard
  • Externally Adjustable Regulator (E.A.R)
  • Scope Vector Optics Veyron 4-16X44 FFP
  • Micarta Grip
  • x4 magazines
  • x4 mags holders
  • Black Belt (Harness)
  • Black WIKA Gauge (installed in the buttpad)
  • Black WIKA gauge to read the Plenum pressure
  • Black Inserts
  • Bottle 470cc installed
  • Soft Case
  • PeaZy with 470cc bottle
  • Tunning by Francisco
  • Special warranty of 3 years by Francisco
  • Shipping included

Limited quantity in stock.

Note: We ensure that all airguns are set to the appropriate power level for the country they are being sent to (7, 10, 16, 20, 24 Joules, or FAC).