Carbon Fiber Bottle 500cc



With the Leshiy 2, you can get a bottle as large as 350CC. It boosts your shot count tremendously, but eventually, it will empty, like all bottles. To extend your sustained shooting when out in the field, we recommend our airgun enthusiasts and Leshiy 2 fans to take with them this 500CC bottle coupled with the pEaZy fill system. This bottle is still manageable in size, being 285mm long and 61mm in diameter, you can still carry it in your backpack, and coupled with pEaZy, you can use it to refill your Leshiy 2 once it is out of juice! Make sure you always have enough air; add this bottle to your carry setup!


  • Test pressure: 500 bar (7250 psi)
  • Service max pressure: 315 bar (4570 psi)
  • Service temperature: -40℃ / 60 ℃
  • Service life: 20 years
  • Inspection duration: 5 years
  • Volume: 0.5l (500 cm3)
  • Empty weight: 0.6kg
  • Length: 285mm
  • Diameter: 61mm Inner thread: M18X 1.5mm



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