Magazines 2.0 for Leshiy 2 (pellets AND slugs!)


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CALIBER: .177 (4.5mm)

You have been waiting for this for AGES! The Leshiy 2 has always been able to handle slugs; however, its mags weren't optimized for it and required "special" handling just to prevent them from falling out. It has been plain evident for some time that we had to do something about it. It took a while, but that was just because we were looking for the best solution, not just some kind of patch on our existing mags.

Now thanks to our R&D team, we are finally proud to announce this leap forward for the Leshiy 2: our Magazines 2.0 for Leshiy 2 are now optimized for both pellets AND slugs!

Those days of nervous handling the airgun while using slugs are over. Slug and pellet use, it will all be the same fantastic experience with your Leshiy 2. These mags are a MUST HAVE for any dedicated Leshiy 2 user.