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Edgun Morana Tuning Regulator
By Huma-Air

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    1. Huma-Air pressure regulator for tuning the Edgun Morana airrifle.
    2. For the Edgun Morana we have designed a replacement Huma Tuning Regulator complete with a volume plenum.
    3. Due to our ultra compact build of our regulator you can remove the large factory regulator body and replace it with our regulator and volume plenum.
    4. The extra regulated volume what is created allows you to achieve the same pellet velocity with a lower regulator setpoint; so smoother shooting behavior and more shots available.
    1. Easy to adjust due to the pressure scale, so you can do all the fine tuning yourself.
    2. Achieve the same pellet velocity with less regulator pressure.
    3. This regulator has a wide pressure range to cover all calibers.
    4. The ultra compact build will give you more regulated volume.
    5. Excellent consistency.
    6. Higher accuracy of your rifle due to the elimination of the pellet speed fluctuations.
    7. It is pre-set on most common setting, and it has a clear pressure scale so you can easy adjust it to your wishes.
    8. These regulators are vented to the atmosphere without any modification to your pressure tube needed so no creeping up in power.
      1. Huma Air regulators are CNC produced out of high grade aircraft aluminum and bronze.
      2. To guarantee a perfect product, every regulator is individually assembled, tested in a computerized simulation program and adjusted to the requested pressure.
      3. We only use high-end materials and our belleville springs are designed for critical applications to achieve the highest repeat accuracy.
      4. This gives our regulators a repeat cycle less than 1% difference.

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