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Huma-Air Regulator Tester

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  • Description:
    1. Regulator tester for the professional tuners among us.
    2. With our regulator tester device you can test and service our Huma-Air regulators.
    3. Check the proper working and cycling, adjust the regulator after a full rebuild or just experiment to find out the best pressure setting of your rifle.
    4. The tester is suitable for a wide range of Huma regulators (see list below) and is equipped with foster male pressure input connection, a depressurize screw and has the possibly to do a checkup for proper venting of the regulator. It has a large 63 mm oil filled pressure gauge with clear scale.
    5. The input pressure is suitable for 200 bar and has a foster male quick connect coupler were you can connect your hose too.
    6. For high durability we have used a combination of stainless steel and anodizided aircraft aluminum for the body and a bronze depresurize screw.
    7. The tester is shipped in a box with proper insurance.

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