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At EDGUN.SHOP we offer for sale specific bullets for Compressed Air weapons. It is a product for connoisseurs and for those who patiently enjoy experimenting in search of extraordinary results. The main advantage of bullets, compared to pellets, is the high Ballistic Coefficient. In English BC (Ballistic Coefficient). With a ballistic coefficient much higher than that of the pellets (between three and five times higher), the projectile remains in flight at greater distances and is considerably less affected by weather conditions: wind, temperature and pressure. This means that the projectile does not decelerate as fast as a pellet, thus better conserving its energy during flight.

Keep in mind that not all bullets work well with any weapon. Excellence is achieved through the science of trial and error.

All prices include VAT and transport, unless the purchase order is less than € 250. When the purchase order is less than € 250.-, a supplement of € 9.- is charged for shipping and management costs).

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